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Trenchless Plumbing Services in Chelan, Washington

4 Benefits of LED Lining to Repair Your Municipal Pipes

Allied Trenchless offers innovative LED lining for Washington’s municipal pipes. Our state-of-the-art LED pipe repair method offers municipal clients several benefits, including but not limited to:

Benefit #1: LED Lining is Economical. LED lining requires just a small amount of energy, which allows our skilled technicians to repair your pipes quickly. The minimally invasive repair method eliminates the need for extensive excavation, which means no heavy machinery digging up your streets, parking lots, green spaces, and other municipal features. With innovative LED pipe lining, your project budget doesn’t have to include digging costs or any repairs associated with excavation.

Benefit #2: LED Lining is Environmentally Friendly. The Allied Trenchless LED lining process doesn’t require any harsh chemicals that can expose your community to hazardous fumes or materials. Instead, we use specially formulated, safe materials that cure quickly with assistance from the LED light. Besides the lack of dangerous chemicals, the LED lining process also removes the need for excavation. That means any potentially harmful substances in the soil won’t be churned up, keeping you and your community healthy and safe.

Benefit #3: LED Lining is Efficient. Conventional pipe repair methods that use heat, water, or steam to cure liners in place can take a lot of time. The LED lining process can be completed much faster than more conventional procedures. The LED system is portable, easy to transport from project to project, and requires basic power supplies that are typically available at project sites. The efficiency of the LED lining process allows us to rehabilitate municipal pipes without time consuming disruptions to the local community.

Benefit #4: LED Lining is Easy. Our state-of-the-art LED lining equipment can easily monitor the progress and quality of the repair process. Through a small access hole, our technicians can send the lining equipment into your municipal pipes. As the equipment moves, our fully automated system can monitor the progress and help the project be completed quickly, accurately, and completely.

Allied Trenchless offers innovative LED lining solutions that can economically, efficiently, and easily repair your municipal pipes without harming the environment. To learn more, call our friendly local team or fill out our online contact form.

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